Priding itself as being the home of Israel’s first and only drop-off sneaker cleaning service, Sneakerstash sneaker specialists have you covered from beaters to grails.
After more than a decade's worth of cleaning and restoration experience, our kick-reviving experts are here to breathe life back into your sneakers.


Tel Mond Boutique Gallery:

Book in advance via our online chat / Instagram / mail.
*Specific directions for Tel Mond drop-off will be given after orders are placed 

So how does it work?

Using the chart below, you can choose from a range of cleaning services in addition to some premium touch-ups and add-ons.

Simply fill out the form below, send us 360 degree photos of the pair(s) you want to clean and we’ll get back to you with a quote. 

Please note

Please take into consideration that footwear given in for Deep Clean Services can take up to 30 business days to be completed.

Waiting times for cleaning services can vary drastically due to a number of circumstances which aren’t always in our control.

Each and every single project is unique and requires professional treatment accordingly.

Additional Information - Requirements

* Photos must be taken in good lighting, clearly outlining flaws
* If the shoes have been cleaned previously, please provide details
* Flaws which haven’t been outlined / mentioned will incur a fee depending on necessary treatment
*Sneakerstash has the right to refuse/deny cleaning services to pairs which are beyond repair or are deemed illegitimate/fake/unauthentic by our team
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